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Mama mask, Nigeria

Wood, H: 45 cm
Provenance: Private Belgian collection

Chancay mask, Peru , X-XV Century A.C.

 Wood, H : 36cm
Bought it in the early 90s
Provenance: Old European collection

Dogon mask, Mali

Wood and iron. H :63cm
Provenance : Private French collection
Renaud Vanuxem

Bamum bowl,  Cameroon

Wood H :28 cm
Provenance Marc Ginzberg, U.S.A.
Published in “Afrique: L’Art des Formes” p.61

Nzakkara currency, D.R. of Congo

Iron, H: 28 cm
Provenance: Private American collection

Tellem object, Mali

Wood H : 49 cm
Provenance: Pivate Belgian collection